Karen L Yee

21. graphic design student. drexel university. positive energy.

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Beginning branding research for the Squirrel Hole right now and I came across justjuliaolivia and me.
This rainy traveling has admittedly been beautiful.
This is what bliss looks like.  #fucktheruleofthirds #poughkeepsie

new paltz happens to be pretty rad.

I hope you all have someone important in your life that you can be honored enough to call your best friend

Spring cleaning up my computer, and stumbled into a lot of old pictures from when I carried my camera around a lot more and my creativity was exploding.

Here is a compilation of photographs from the first year I got my DSLR, circa 2011.

flying-s0lo mikaelawegerhoff whateversunshine everythingisaces

Faux water line in the horizon #Philly
Is it time for the sleeps yet





Packaging element of my extended restaurant identity for VSCM inspired by @houseofmeggs. #finals #vscm #beer #fourpack #graphicdesign #paint

my friends are perfect and we’re killing it in finals

YOOO thanks dude! You are killin it as well. =]

Cant get over how much I love this entire project. My roommate’s a beast.

Yee you are shredding right now

Goddamn you guys, thank you for support. I was having second thoughts about the system this afternoon when I was comping so it’s really comforting to your hear your positivity